Day trip to Mutorashanga, Zimbabwe – what to pack

Mutorashanga Quarry is an old mine that is about 110km out of Harare. Many go there to braai and swim. You can also go scuba diving there. If you’re in Zimbabwe, find out how you can learn how to dive here. There are many myths surrounding this mystical green pool, but I can assure you, there’s nothing scary in the water! In this article, I’ll take you through a packing list to ensure you have an amazing day trip. Entrance is free and you can take little children there as well.

1. Water

It’s really important that you stay hydrated as you’ll be in the sun most of the time. Carry enough drinking water for the day. At least 1,5 litres per person.

2. Swimwear

Don’t forget to pack this! You’re going to a pool, so if you’re going to leave anything behind, let it not be this. If you can’t swim, please let those you are travelling with know as there are no life guards on site in case you fall in.

3.Food and braai supplies

Braaing is a crucial part of the experience at Mutorashanga. Braai space is limited however, so if you have your own gas braai, or a small braai stand, bring that along. Otherwise, remember to carry your braai supplies. There are some shops on the way there, however they only sell basic commodities. So don’t risk it, carry everything you need. If you’re not going to braai, pack your lunch, as there won’t be anywhere to buy lunch. At the shops, just next to the bottle store, you can buy a plate of sadza for about $2. But that’ll mean eating before you get to the green pool, or after your day there.

4. A hat and sunscreen

Yes, this applies to people of colour too! You don’t want to get sunburnt and you don’t want to have a headache by the end of the day, so don’t leave these behind.

5. Hand Wipes and/or hand sanitiser

There are no ablution facilities at Mutorashanga. So carry hand wipes/sanitizer to clean your hands.


6 thoughts on “Day trip to Mutorashanga, Zimbabwe – what to pack”

    1. Hi Tinotenda. We don’t organise packages to Mutorashanga. It’s free entry so if you have a car you can drive there and just use the pool and braai facilities

  1. Good afternoon please could I have a contact number for mutorashanga. Would like to enquire about day trips and prices

    1. Hi there. We don’t offer day trips. You can self-drive to Mutorashanga. The entrance is free so you just need to carry your own food and drinks etc

  2. Hi Thingu

    May you give me driving directions from Harare to Mutorashanga green pools. I would like to go there this summer. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Fortune! I’m so sorry I missed this. I honestly just plug it into the GPS. The roads are unmarked so it’s diffiult to know what the names of the roads are. I will tell you that the condition of the roads isn’t all that great, so make sure you use a vehicle with good clearance!

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