Hiking at Ngomakurira or Domboshava in Zimbabwe

I really enjoy the outdoors, and hiking is one of my favourite outdoor activities. In my last video, I shared my hiking trip up Ngomakurira in Zimbabwe. Missed it? Watch it below.


So of course, I want to make sure you all have enough information about the place and what you need to pack before hitting the road. Domboshava and Ngomakurira are “close” to each other, so this article will help you for either one.

1. Entrance fees

Zimbabwean: Adults $4, Children $1

Non residents: Adults $10, Children $5

You can use cash or Ecocash to make your payments.

2. What to wear

Have comfortable shoes with a relatively good grip. Granite can be slippery, especially on the way down. Ladies, sandals and pumps will not work for this one! Bring a hat, as you’ll be in the open sun quite a bit. Also, wear comfortable shorts or trousers.

3. Hydration and food

I know I always say this but please bring a lot of water. You can’t buy any once you arrive, but you will pass a few shops on your way so you can pick up a few things. As for food, you can either have a picnic there or eat when you get back to Harare.

4. Camera

The views there are breathtaking, so you want to be able to capture these. So photographers, bring your camera along. And the official rule on drones is, they are not allowed:)

Be sure to look out for the rock paintings at both sites! They have some stunning rock paintings that you shouldn’t miss. If you are lucky enough to go after some rains, there will be pools of water, some big enough for you to swim in!

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