10 things to do in Victoria Falls for under $50

Victoria Falls is notorious for being a pricey town. And it doesn’t come as much of a surprise, given that most of their visitors are international travellers. Operators price accordingly, and local and regional travellers on a budget are left with very few options when they visit. But don’t worry, I’ve put together a list of 10 things to do in Victoria Falls for under $50. For pricing and bookings of any of these activities, check out our Victoria Falls page or start a chat on our website.

1. A tour of the Falls

I can’t imagine one would travel all the way to the Victoria Falls and not see the falls themselves! Fortunately, visiting the falls is affordable for both local and regional travellers. Be sure to dedicate at least an hour to exploring the falls. There is a great statue of David Livingstone to look out for, and a lot of meandering paths along the falls. You have the option of renting out a rain coat. This is a great option if you have expensive cameras with you. I quite enjoyed getting soaked in the water sprays by the falls. I felt like a child again! Just be sure to carry a change of clothes if you intend to do anything else afterwards.

2. Flying Fox

Hire wire activities are popular in Victoria. They range from very easy slides across the gorge, to heart-pumping swings into the gorge. The flying fox is an affordable and fun way to experience the Batoka Gorge aerially. You run off a short platform before spreading your wings and “flying” into the gorge.

3. Visit the Big Tree

There are plenty of baobab trees to be seen around, but none quite like the Big Tree in Victoria Falls. It is said to be the oldest and biggest baobab tree in Zimbabwe.

4. Snake park

I can’t imagine many people would list visiting a snake park when planning a trip to Victoria Falls. But in your quest to find affordable things to do, the snake park offers great value for money. They offer very informative tours, and if you have the guts, you can even hold one of the snakes!

5. Vulture feeding

Did somebody say free?!! Yes, here’s one activity that actually costs you nothing in Victoria Falls. The activity runs everyday at 1pm at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. This is a great opportunity to see these endangered birds in large numbers as they swoop in to feed off meat scraps.

6. Boma drum and dinner show

Where great food meets great music! If you are looking for a great dinner option with a variety of traditional food and game, then the buffet served at the Boma will exceed your expectations. After being dressed up in traditional sarongs, you can enjoy the drum show where you’ll each have your own drums, and will have to follow the beat of the drum master.

7. Sunset Cruise

sunset cruise zambezi river

There is a wide variety of sundowner cruises on the Zambezi river, and they all offer more or less the same things. Each cruise will offer a variety of free drinks, including alcohol. They will also offer a snack platter for the duration of the cruise. If you’re on a budget, do some research to see which cruise can offer you a good experience for the amount you are willing to spend.

8. Traditional village tour

Don’t ever assume that just because you are a local or regional traveller, village tours are not for you. If anything, you will be surprised at little you know about other cultures. So be sure to explore the local villages and learn more about the locals’ way of life.

9. Victoria Falls bridge slide

Have you seen the numerous videos online of people doing the bunjee jump in Victoria Falls? Well the bridge slide is located at the same bridge, but is not nearly as frightening as the bunjee. It’s also a lot more affordable, which is why it makes this list!

10. Crocodile farm sanctuary tour

If not to see the crocodiles themselves, visit this sanctuary to shop for crocodile skin products.

Do you know of other affordable activities in Victoria Falls? Let me know in the comments below!

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