Should you still #Visit Zimbabwe?

  • Ashleigh 

In case you’ve missed all the recent news about Zimbabwe, there is a lot going on at the moment. Locals fear the horror that was 2008 is back, and they have been panic-buying as a result, leaving the shelves empty. Petrol shortages have seen the long winding queues come back, and no service provider is willing to accept anything other than US dollars. Not a great look right? However, don’t mind the panic. You can and should still travel to Zimbabwe. Here’s some tips to make sure you’re well prepared for your trip to Zimbabwe.

1. Pay in advance where possible.


The country has a shortage of cash, so the need to carry money with you can be avoided by making your bookings in advance. Some operators and hotels accept Visa cards and Mastercards. However, this isn’t guaranteed. Through websites like this, you can plan and make bookings for your trip in advance, to reduce the need to make payments when you’re there. Need to change dates? No problem, we can modify your booking.

2. Choose flying over driving.

The fuel shortage is a massive inconvenience, and no-one knows when things will be resolved. Save yourself the headache and fly in instead. You can search for flights here. Apart from commercial flights, you can also take charter flights to your destination, negating the need to drive to remote places. Start a chat with us on the site to get a quotation.

3. Carry any personal medical supplies you need.

If you’re on any medication, take enough with you for the duration of your trip. You will be able to purchase things like painkillers, just remember you’ll need small cash denominations to make this process easier.

4. Listen to your guide!

There have been a few cases recently of travellers who lost their lives because they got too close to wild animals. I get it. Seeing animals up close is exciting. If you’re a photographer, you want to get that shot up close. However, is it worth risking your life? If you’re going on a safari, in any country, listen to what the guide tells you. Wild animals are unpredictable, and your reaction time is not as fast as you think.

5. Be prepared to have an amazing time.

When all is said and done, Zimbabwe is still a fantastic travel destination. Browse our site to get some travel inspiration for an epic trip to Zimbabwe! Need help booking? Start a chat on our website!


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