You have to try these adrenaline activities in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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Without a doubt, Victoria Falls is the most talked about destination in Zimbabwe, and there’s a very good reason why. It’s the region’s adventure capital, offering visitors a wide variety of activities. But, there are those that will get your heart racing! You just have to try these whilst you there! Remember, you can book any of these activities with us here. So, what are the top adrenaline activities in Victoria Falls? Let’s get into it.

Bunjee Jumping

How does jumping off a bridge sound? 111m to be exact. Crazy isn’t it? But visitors line up to jump off the Victoria Falls bridge. It’s probably the first and last time you’ll ever jump off a bridge, so you have to do it in the most epic way. The operator provides you with a Go-Pro camera, so you’ll have a close-up of yourself screaming all the way down! Be sure to purchase your video afterwards. You’ll want to relive that moment for a long time after.


gorge swing victoria falls

Do you like swings? If you do, you’ll love this one. We promise! Imagine jumping into a gorge with the Zambezi roaring beneath you. Then just when you feel like you’re getting too close to the water, you launch into an epic pendulum swing. We thought it was pretty scary. but would we do it again? Yes, and it’ll be the third time!


Tandem Sky Dive Victoria Falls

Fancy jumping out of a plane? Most people don’t. But picture this. You’re higher than any helicopter ride can take you. You get magnificent views of the falls! And then, you get an even more exhilarating thrill when you jump out of the plane! It’s an amazing experience, and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Just looking at the rapids on the Zambezi will scare you. Never mind getting onto a boat and rafting over those powerful rapids. Worried the boat will flip? It is highly likely that it will at least once! You’re going to get wet, but you’re going to have lot’s of fun! You need to be in good shape for this one, as you can imagine! But we highly recommend it. You can do this as a one-day activity, or you can go rafting over a number of days.

Micro-flight over the Victoria Falls

microflight over the victoria falls

They call the Victoria Falls, the smoke that thunders. It’s because the spray of water over the roaring falls looks like smoke. Now imagine, flying over that in an open micro-plane! Ok so you’re not literally flying through the spraying water, but you’re close enough! It’s a breathtaking experience.

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