5 reasons why you should visit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been making the news for all the wrong reasons. One would be forgiven to think that there isn’t much going on there. But, there have actually been numerous articles and awards from international media that should put Zimbabwe on your radar as a destination in 2019. You really should visit Zimbabwe, and here’s 5 reasons why.

1. It’s the only African country to make Lonely Planet’s top ten for 2019 list

Not only did Zimbabwe make their top ten, it was ranked third in the top ten list of countries to visit in 2019. It was also the only African country to make the list. You can read for yourself here. There are other international publications who have sighted Zimbabwe as a top destination for 2019. Examples include Frommers and National Geographic Traveller UK.

2. It has some of the best hotels in Africa

Visit Zimbabwe to experience some of the top hotels and lodges on the continent. Many of Zimbabwe’s top destinations are in parks, and so you get to experience some of Africa’s top resorts amongst pristine wildlife.

3. There are different experiences to suit every taste

It’s not all about safaris. You can book a houseboat on Lake Kariba, the largest man-made lake in the world. Or perhaps you’d like to go scuba diving in the deep blue waters of Chinhoyi Caves? How about a helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls? Or take the highest zipline in the world in the Eastern Highlands, whilst looking at the second highest waterfall in Africa. There are many world heritage sites and monuments, like the Great Zimbabwe ruins, as well as the Khami ruins. You can also visit the Matopos National Park to track rhinos, or to visit Cecil John Rhodes’ grave.

4. It’s extremely safe, and the people are welcoming

There are certain destinations where the crime would make you consider if it’s worth visiting. Zimbabwe isn’t one of them. It’s really safe, and the locals are extremely friendly and helpful. You can walk around with your camera and phone, and not worry about it being stolen.

5. It’s become even more accessible

victoria falls airport
The number of airlines coming into Zimbabwe continues to increase. That means, you have more options when it comes to flights. You can also charter flights into the parks should you prefer this over hiring a car. However, you can get fully serviced 4×4 vehicles as well, which you can pick up at the airport and head off on your trip.

So, when will you be travelling to Zimbabwe?

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