My experience in visiting Khayelitsha, Cape Town

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard of Khayelitsha, the first thing that came to mind were unstable-looking structures of corrugated iron and plastic. I thought about the lines of portable toilets that surrounded the shacks, and all the stories of crime and grime that I had heard. But, adventure is my middle name. So off I went. Khayelitsha is actually the second-largest township in South Africa, with a population of about 2.4 million!


There’s a lot to learn about the story of Khayelitsha. I visited the Barn, which house gallery displays of life during the apartheid era in Khayelitsha. They also have a curio shop with Xhosa beaded work should you wish to do some  shopping. I climbed up the Lookout Hill, which gives you a 360 view of the township. There are quite a few stairs, but i’m not very fit, so if I could do it, so can you! I also visited a gangster museum. Crime and unemployment are prominent in the townships and it’s common for young men to get involved


Walking in the streets, there are so many murals to stop and admire. There’s a story to each one, though I’d be lying if I said each piece’s meaning was obvious! The growth in tourism has seen an increase in other craft shops, and one can actually book an art tour is this is something that interests you. Start a chat on our website to find out more.


Mmmmm, where do I begin! I had a coffee at Sikis Coffee shop, which is actually his mother’s garage! They do stay start where you are right? During the day he runs his coffee shop and in the evening he moves everything to the side and his mother parks her car. They have really tasty brownies and ginger cookies too. Next, I visited Spinach King, which is a vegetarian bakery. They make bread, burger patties and smoothies with spinach. I didn’t get to taste anything because they’d run out by the time I’d arrived. But if you happen to find your way near the Khayelitsha train station, pop in and give it a go.

Towards the end of my day, I was really hungry so I decided to have some pizza from  food truck. Turns out the lady who owns the food truck used to work in one of South Africa’s largest pizza outlets. Normally when I pizza, the base is way too thick and the toppings are scattered across the pizza. This pizza in Khayelitsha had toppings so thick, having one piece felt like I had three. Needless to say, they really understand that their target market likes meat!

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