The small town of Bronkhorstspruit

I enjoy going out for drives over the weekend, so I’m always on a quest to find places to explore. Small towns are great for day trips or weekend stays and I’m on a mission to explore as many of them as I possibly can! The small town of Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng was my destination this past weekend, and it was well worth the drive. It took me just over an hour to get to my first stop, the Nan Hua Temple.

Nan Hua Temple

The temple was the main reason I drove out to the town. It being the largest Bhuddist temple in Africa roused my curiosity. I wanted to see what was so special about it. And, places of worship have always fascinated me. I love seeing how others connect and worship their supreme being. The temple doesn’t fall short of expectations. It sprawls across a big plot of land, yet each pillar and gutter is as elaborate as the next. The temple really comes to life when they host the Chinese New Year celebrations. But if you want to go for meditation, they offer retreats too. There was a restaurant too, whose food `I didn’t get to try. But if the excellence that the Bhuddists uphold themselves to is anything to go by, then I’m sure it’s pretty good. It’s a beautiful temple to explore, and a great space to clear your mind.

Anton Schmit Sculpture Park

sculpture of human face at anton schmit in the small town of bronkhorstspruit

I have a new-found appreciation for art, and the ability to create meaning and beauty, from abstract spaces and objects. So a visit to this gallery was a real treat! Beyond the walk around the beautiful art, there is a great restaurant, and if the weather great, do enjoy sitting outside in full view of the sculptures. While the gallery is close to the dam, you can’t see it from the sculpture park. You’re going to have to drive there.

Bronkhorstspruit Dam

You already know, if there’s a dam, there are a lot of activities for one to do! There’s a R30 fee for adults (please visit their official website for children’s rates), and if you’re going camping, then you’d need to pay extra for that too. The dam was a great place to relax, but then that was my whole mood on this trip lol! I didn’t try any of the water sports, but that’s certainly an option for you when you visit. I was tired, and just wanted to relax.

The small town of Bronkhorstspruit can make for a great day trip, or a quick stop on your way to Mpumalanga. Whichever you choose, it’s definitely worth exploring!

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