The quaint town of Parys

  • Ashleigh 
If you live in Johannesburg, then you know the order of the weekend is usually to leave Johannesburg, if not for the entire weekend, then at least for the day! The hustle and bustle of the city life gets exhausting. And we will drive out as far as we can for peace and fresh air! I’ve spent the last two weekends in the Free State province of South Africa exploring… Read More »The quaint town of Parys
fort wonderboomport

Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Pretoria

  • Ashleigh 
Pretoria isn’t a place I’ve explored much. But I do want to spend more time there, so I intend to go there more often. Wonderboom Nature Reserve was my first destination in Pretoria. I’ve driven through, and I’ve been there for work or to visit government offices. But I’ve never gone exploring. My friend Bayo and I are were looking for a unique place to film a video. We were… Read More »Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Pretoria
Cullinan diamond mine shaft

Explore the diamond-mining town of Cullinan

  • Ashleigh 
Before we go any further with this post on how you can explore Cullinan, I just wanted to alert you all that diamonds are my birth stone. If you find yourself struggling with gift ideas for me, let this post be an exact guide on where to find something I would definitely cherish forever lol! Now that you are equipped with this vital piece of information, let me tell you… Read More »Explore the diamond-mining town of Cullinan

Things to look out for when using Airbnb – tips from a Superhost

Quality and price are always causes of concern when looking for holiday accommodation, and thanks to technology, we now have more options beyond traditional hotels and lodges. In case you’ve never come across it, Airbnb is a platform that allows people to list their homes to travellers. The owners, or hosts, either let out the entire home, or a room in the home. This gives travellers more options in terms… Read More »Things to look out for when using Airbnb – tips from a Superhost

Can’t get your friends to travel with you? Join a group trip!

How does the idea of meeting strangers through online platforms and going away on a group trip sound? Scary? Brave? Not everyone would be keen to take a chance on a group of strangers. But we did this weekend, and it’s the beginning of many more epic adventures with Tingu! My biggest frustration when wanting to travel, is people’s inability to commit. Agreeing on a date can be a month-long… Read More »Can’t get your friends to travel with you? Join a group trip!
pool overlooking maropeng boutique hotel

The Cradle of Humankind

As small as the province of Gauteng is, it is packed with things to do! The Cradle of Humankind is certainly one to add to your list if you’re looking for a day trip in Gauteng. We often hear about how Africa is the motherland. I think, the Cradle of Humankind is the reason why. This is where the first fossils of the humankind where found, proving the humans did… Read More »The Cradle of Humankind

The small town of Bronkhorstspruit

I enjoy going out for drives over the weekend, so I’m always on a quest to find places to explore. Small towns are great for day trips or weekend stays and I’m on a mission to explore as many of them as I possibly can! The small town of Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng was my destination this past weekend, and it was well worth the drive. It took me just over… Read More »The small town of Bronkhorstspruit

Gentrified areas in Joburg CBD to check out

If you’ve never come across the term, gentrification is when poor areas are renovated to more “middle-class” buildings or areas, resulting in a displacement of the lower income residents previously occupying the place. Joburg has these pockets that have been turned into hip, artistic areas, and you don’t need to walk very far out to realise how isolated they are. However, they are great places to visit, if not for… Read More »Gentrified areas in Joburg CBD to check out

Day trip to Hartbeespoort

So, you have a free weekend coming up and you’re not sure what to get up to? How about a day trip to Hartbeespoort? Hartbeespoort (Harties) is in the North West Province, and is just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. So you have this shiny car you pay for every month, but all you’re going to do is drive to work and back? No ways, it’s time to get those… Read More »Day trip to Hartbeespoort

Check out these food and craft markets in Johannesburg.

Markets in Johannesburg are undoubtedly a great way to discover the city and its culture, and I’m sure this growing list will take you on an authentic culinary and shopping journey in Johannesburg. 1.Fourways Farmers Market Where: Cnr Monte Casino Blvd and William Nicol Rd FourwaysFOURWAYSWhen: Fridays 1530 – 2230 and Sundays 0900 – 1600Entry Fee: R10 You can expect a different vibe at this market depending on which day… Read More »Check out these food and craft markets in Johannesburg.